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Best Sportsbook Rewards Programs in the USA

10 August 2023

Wanna join a nice betting rewards program? Read on to discover the most rewarding betting loyalty programs in the United States!

Best Betting Rewards Overview

Caesars Rewards

How to Enter: Automatic entry when you sign up on the Caesars sportsbook. (Open a Caesars account)

Top Benefits (Based on Tier Status)

  • Monthly Bonus Bets
  • Extra Bonus Bet during Birthday Month
  • Up to $500 Celebration Dinner at a Caesars Rewards destination
  • Free or discounted hotel stays
  • Exclusive pre-sale access for select shows
  • Airfare credit

...and many more!

Caesars Rewards
BetMGM Rewards

How to Enter: Automatic entry when you sign up on the BetMGM sportsbook. (Open a BetMGM account)

Top Benefits (Based on Tier Status)

  • Birthday Bonus Bets
  • Anniversary Bonus Bets
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Waived Resort Fees
  • Tickets to Exclusive MGM Rewards Concerts
  • Air Travel Credit to Las Vegas

...and many more!

Bet MGM Rewards
Betrivers Rewards

How to Enter: Automatic entry when you sign up on the Betrivers sportsbook. (Open a Betrivers account)

Top Benefits (Based on Tier Status)

  • Betrivers Special Offers
  • VIP Birthday Gifts
  • Exclusive VIP Events
  • Expedited Withdrawals
  • VIP Thank You Dinner
  • Free apple or android playing device

...and many more!

Betrivers Rewards Program
Draftkings Rewards

How to Enter: Automatic entry when you sign up on the Draftkings sportsbook. (Open a Draftkings account)

Top Benefits (Based on Tier Status)

  • Weekly Prize Chest
  • Access to Promotions Across DraftKings
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Access to Exclusive Live Experiences
  • Invitations to select VIP events in major cities
  • Tier-Exclusive Contests & Promotions

...and many more!

Draftkings Rewards
Wynn Rewards

How to Enter: Automatic entry when you sign up on the Wynnbet sportsbook. (Open a WynnBet account)

Top Benefits (Based on Tier Status)

  • Invitations to special events at Wynn and Encore Las Vegas and Encore Boston Harbor
  • Exclusive hotel discounts and offers
  • Annual complimentary birthday dinner credit
  • Priority nightclub access
  • Annual complimentary spa credit
  • Complimentary Wynn Master Classes for two guests at Wynn Las Vegas

...and many more!

Wynn Bet Rewards
How Betting Rewards Work

Before we go into details on each rewards program listed above, let's give you a general idea of how betting rewards work.

Joining a betting rewards program is very easy.

In fact, on most betting rewards sportsbooks in the United States, customers become eligible for the program once they sign up on the site.

When you place bets on the site, you earn points that can be redeemed for great prizes like bonus bets and merchandise.

Rewards Programs also have tier levels, which are dependent on the volume of bets you place and the size of your wagers.

The higher your tier level, the better your rewards.

Reviewing the Best Sportsbook Rewards Programs in the US

Wanna get more details about the top betting rewards programs available to American bettors? We've got you. In this section, we will dig deeper into each of the top betting rewards to give you a better understanding of what to expect when you join the program.

Top 5 Betting Rewards

  1. Caesars Rewards: Get Details | Join Caesars Rewards
  2. BetMGM Rewards: Get Details | Join BetMGM Rewards
  3. Betrivers Rewards: Get Details | Join Betrivers Rewards
  4. Draftkings Rewards: Get Details | Join Draftkings Rewards
  5. Wynn Rewards: Get Details | Join Wynn Rewards

1. Caesars Rewards

Caesars is one of the biggest entertainment and hospitality brands in the United States, and via their Caesars Rewards program, customers earn reward credits and tier credits by using any Caesars product, including the sportsbook.

In fact, when you sign up on the Caesars sportsbook and place your first wager, you will receive 1000 Reward Credits and 1000 Tier Credits.

As you place subsequent wagers on the site, your earnings will increase, and so will the quality of your prize.

How To Earn Caesars Rewards Credits and Tier Credits
Every $100 wagered on straight bets

10 Reward Credits and 10 Tier Credits

Every $100 wagered on parlays
20 Rewards Credits and 20 Tier Credits

Caesars Rewards credits can be converted into a variety of prizes, including bonus cash, which can be used to place wagers in the sportsbook. Every 100 Rewards Credits is equivalent to $1 bonus cash.

They can also be redeemed for hotel stays, show tickets, shopping, dining, spa and many more.

Apart from earning reward credits, customers also get tier credits as they play on the Caesars sportsbook. Tier Credits earned in a calendar year (January 1 - December 31) determine a customer's Tier status for the following year.

The different Caesars Rewards Tier status are shown below, plus the number of tier credits required to attain each status.

Obviously, the rewards are bigger and better for customers with higher tier status.

Caesars Tier Level
Tier Credits Required

0 - 4,999

5,000 - 14,999
15,000 - 24,999
Diamond Plus
25,000 - 74,999
diamond Elite
75,000 - 149,999
Seven Stars

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1 June 2023

Register with Caesars and earn Reward Credits that can be redeemed for exciting prizes and experiences across multiple locations.

2. BetMGM Rewards

Wanna get a regal experience at any of the MGM Resort properties in Las Vegas and across the United States? Well, that's very possible with BetMGM Rewards.

BetMGM Rewards offers loyal customers an exciting range of prizes, from bonus bets to air travel credits, hotel stays to concert tickets, and many more.

All BetMGM account holders are automatically entered into the BetMGM Rewards program and the broader MGM Rewards, with customers earning reward points and tier credits as they wager on the site.

How To Earn BetMGM Rewards Points
$100 in a Straight Bet

at least 20 BetMGM Rewards Points and 20 Tier Credits

$100 in a Parlay
at least 50 BetMGM Rewards Points and 50 Tier Credits

Note that the table above only shows how you can earn points in the BetMGM sportsbook. You can also earn rewards points by playing in the betMGM casino (where it is available).

Rewards Points can be converted into bonus credits and used in the sportsbook, or redeemed as complimentary food, beverage, entertainment, hotel stays and more.

Tier Credits determine a customer's Tier Status. As you rise up the tiers, you will unlock more exclusive benefits, including waived resort fees, tickets to MGM Rewards concerts and more at over 20 MGM Resort properties in Las Vegas and nationwide.

BetMGM Tier Level
Tier Credits Required

0 - 19,999

Invitation Only

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2 June 2023

Accumulate Points Rewards and Tier credits when you register and play on BetMGM!

3. Betrivers Rewards

Another great betting Rewards program you should aim to join is the betrivers rewards. Officially called the iRush Rewards, the long list of prizes include birthday gifts, elite VIP promotions, free apple and android playing devices, expedited withdrawals and many more.

Again, you become instantly enrolled in the program once you open your betrivers account.

And when you start wagering on the site, you will earn loyalty level points and bonus store points, which give you access to the great prizes on offer. Points earned on betrivers rewards depend on the size of the sports wager and the amount staked as shown below.

How To Earn Betrivers Rewards Points
Combination Size

Wager Required for 1 Point

10 - 12

Bonus store points can be redeemed in the bonus store for items like bonus bets, odds boosts and profit boosts, while loyalty points dictate which loyalty level you belong in the iRush Rewards program. As your loyalty level increases, so does the gifts and prizes you have access to.

Also, by being in a high loyalty level, you will get discounts when you redeem items at the bonus store.

BetRivers Loyalty Level
Loyalty Points Required


Invitation Only

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BetRivers Rewards
2 June 2023

Join BetRivers today and start earning great prizes courtesy the iRush Rewards program!

4. Draftkings Rewards

Known as the Draftkings Dynasty Rewards, the loyalty program on Draftkings deals in crowns and tier credits which are earned by customers when they place bets on the site.

Once you sign up on Draftkings, you automatically become a member of the Rewards program.

The program rewards consistent customers with wide-ranging prizes, including site credits, Draftkings merchandise, and invitation to VIP events.

Draftkings crowns and tier credits are awarded for every bet placed on the site, with the exact amount dependent on the type of bet and the stake amount.

How To Draftkings Tier Credits
Straight Bets and Futures

1 Tier Credit for every $10 wagered

Parlays (including SGPs)
1 Tier Credit for every $5 wagered

Crowns can be redeemed in the Dynasty Store for DK dollars, gift cards, merchandise, gadgets and more, while tier credits add up to determine the customer's tier status in the Rewards program.

Another unique feature of the Draftkings dynasty Rewards is the weekly prizes chest, which gives weekly rewards based on a customer's Tier status.

A customer in the silver tier status is guaranteed at least 500 crowns every week, while an Onyx member can receive as much as 5 million crowns. The weekly chest may also include hidden treasures like watches and headsets.

Draftkings Tier Status
Tier Credits Required

All Players


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DraftKings Dynasty Rewards
17 March 2023

Earn Tier Credits and Crowns for every dollar you spend on DraftKings!

5. Wynn Rewards

Wynnbet is another US sportsbook with a strong presence in the entertainment and hospitality business.

And by signing up and placing bets on Wynnbet, you will have the opportunity to experience the five-star quality of Wynn Resorts, along with many other great benefits that come with the Wynn Rewards program.

As a member of Wynn Rewards, you will be able to earn Free Credits, Comp Dollars and Tier Credits by placing wagers on WynnBet. All of these are credited into your Wynn Rewards account within 24 hours of your sports wager being settled.

FreeCredit can be redeemed in the Wynnbet Rewards Store for bet credits, which can be used to place more wagers in the sportsbook, while CompDollars can be redeemed for dining, hotel rooms, and purchases at select retail stores, as well as at the Wynn Resorts’ spas, salons, and Wynn Golf Club.

As with other reward programs, your tier status on Wynn Rewards is dependent on the amount of Tier Credits you have.

As you rise up the tier levels, you get access to more benefits as shown in the table below.

Choose a betting rewards program
Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper

Now that you know the best betting rewards in the United States, why not sign up with any of these sites and start compiling those points and credits.

You may just be earning a nice dinner or airline tickets in a few months.

And when you join a sportsbook with betting rewards, before you start getting all the big prizes, you will also have the opportunity to claim a nice welcome bonus. All the sportsbooks listed on this page have new customer offers, as shown in the table below.

FAQs about Betting Rewards

πŸ† What is the best betting rewards program in the US?

Caesars Sportsbook

It's a close call between Caesars and BetMGM, but Caesars just about edge it. Both Caesars and BetMGM have similar programs and prizes, but the fact that new customers on Caesars can earn 1000 Reward Credits and 1000 Tier Credits right off the bat puts them on top of the list.

πŸ€” Which US sportsbooks have betting rewards?

Here are the US sportsbooks with betting rewards:

  • Caesars
  • BetMGM
  • Betrivers
  • Draftkings
  • Wynnbet
πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ How can I join a betting rewards program?

To join a betting rewards program, all you need to do is to sign up on a sportsbook that offers the program. Top Betting Rewards sportsbooks in the US are Caesars, betMGM and betrivers.

🎁 What can I get from a betting rewards program?

You can get a variety of benefits from betting rewards programs. Prizes range from bonus bets to airfare credits. Many reward programs also give birthday gifts, hotel stays, show tickets and many more.

πŸ’‘ How do I earn betting rewards Points?

In most cases, you start earning betting rewards credits when you join the sportsbook with the program and place a wager.

πŸ“± Can I join a betting rewards program on my phone?

Yes, you can join a betting rewards program on your phone. Simply sign up on any of the sites we have recommended on this page and you will be automatically enrolled for their rewards program.

πŸ”’ Are betting rewards legit?

Yes, betting rewards are legit. If you meet all the conditions stated on the sportsbook, you will earn the gifts and prizes being advertised.

πŸ’° Can I get cash from betting rewards?

Most betting rewards programs don't give out cash. Rewards often come in the form of entertainment and hospitality experiences like hotel stays and airfare credits.