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13 October 2023

Find out all you need to know about profit boost, and where to get the best profit boost offers in the United States!

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Best Sportsbooks for Profit Boosts
Company Bonus TextAction
Up to $1,000 First Bet Back on Caesars
Bet $5 Get $150
If Your Bet Wins
No Sweat First Bet up to $1,500
+ Daily NBA No Sweat SGPs
Bet $5, Get $150 or $1,000 First Bet Safety Net
Up To $1,500 In Bonus Bets
If Your First Bet Is Lost
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What is a profit boost?

A profit boost is a sportsbook promotion that adds extra cash to your winnings when your bet is successful.

For example, a sportsbook may offer you a 50% profit boost, meaning that if you win your bet, your payout will be boosted by 50%.

Profit Boosts are amongst the most profitable promos (no puns intended!) available to US bettors!

Fanduel - Recommended Sportsbook for Profit Boosts

Profit Boosts on Fanduel
Numerous Daily Profit Boosts on Fanduel!

When it comes to profit boosts in the United States, there is really only one winner - FanDuel.

Over the years, FanDuel has proven to be the most reliable sportsbook for this particular class of promotions, offering profit boosts on a daily basis across a variety of sports.

Whether you are seeking your daily NFL profit boosts or NHL profit boosts, you will find them all on FanDuel.

Visit our dedicated section on FanDuel profit boosts to learn more about the available offers and find out how to use these boosts.

How Profit Boosts Work

Profit boosts are very simple to use.

Sportsbooks like FanDuel, Draftkings and Unibet always display their profit boosts at the top of their home pages, so you will be able to see which boosts are available and choose the one you like.

In most cases, to use a profit boost, you need to claim the offer from the promos page, and then apply the boost when you want to confirm your wager.

In order to understand how profit boosts work, let's consider the main features of a typical profit boost offer.

Profit Boosts Features

➗ Boost Percentage

The major characteristic of a typical profit boost is the boost percentage. This is always specified very clearly on the offer page. The most common practice amongst US betting sites is to boost winnings by 25% or 50%.

So if you have a 50% profit boost for example, if your total payout (without the boost) is $1000, you will get an extra $500 (50% of $1000) added to your payout.

It goes without saying that your bet has to be successful before a profit boost is applied.

📈 Maximum Wager

With profit boosts promotions, there is almost always a maximum wager. Again, this is specified in the terms and conditions of the promotion. If a sportsbook sets the maximum wager on a profit boost offer at $50, it means you must stake not more than $50 on your bet in order to benefit from the boost.

🏀 Bet Type

While some profit boost promos may give the user the flexibility to choose the bet they want to boost, the most common practice in the US is for sportsbooks to specify the particular bet type a boost can be applied on.

As an example, if you have a profit boost on the Monday Night NFL Game between Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos, you can only benefit from the boost if you bet on that particular match.

A profit boost may be applied on a single-game bet, same game parlay or a multi-game parlay, depending on the offer. This information is always pretty clear on the promos page.

🎯 Number of Selections

Profit boosts can be applied to single game wagers of parlays.

In the case of parlays (whether single game parlays or multi-game parlays, it is often stated by the sportsbook that you must not select more than a particular number of legs in order to be eligible for the boost.

So always pay attention to this when you claim a profit boost promotion.

🕞 Validity Period

Profit boosts are usually time bound. In fact, the majority of boosts available on American sportsbooks are for specific games. These boosts expire once the game begins.

The good thing is that profit boosts are offered on a daily basis by top bookies like FanDuel, so if you miss the boost for today's game, you can always check back tomorrow to find the latest profit boosts!

Reviewing the best profit boost bookies in the US

Let's now take a deeper look at the best bookies for profit boosts, and tell you what really makes them stand out with their promotions!

Fanduel Profit Boost

Like we stated earlier, FanDuel is the best sportsbook for profit boosts in the US. They have mastered the art of profit boosts, offering daily boosts on the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, college sports and many other sporting events.

What stands FanDuel out from other betting sites is the regularity and frequency of their profit boosts.

Fanduel gives out profit boosts daily

Fanduel gives out numerous profit boosts on a daily basis

How to Use FanDuel Profit Boost

  1. Open a FanDuel account (if you don't have one already)
  2. Choose a profit boost in the promo section and hit the "Claim Now" button
  3. Place a qualifying bet (make sure you follow the terms of the promo like maximum wager and number of selections in order to be eligible)
  4. If you have followed the terms of the promo, you will be able to activate the profit boost button on your betslip. Click on this button to apply your FanDuel profit boost
  5. If your bet is successful, your payout will be boosted by the percentage stated in the promotion

Draftkings Profit Boosts

Checking in at No. 2 is FanDuel's fellow US heavyweights, Draftkings, who have made a name for themselves with their NFL Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football profit boosts.

Draftkings Profit Boost 1

By no means are these the only profit boosts available on DraftKings. They also have boosts for the NBA, NHL, MLB and many more sporting competitions.

DraftKings always have profit boosts for special sporting events like the Super Bowl, the Ryder (in Golf), US Open (tennis and golf) and many more.

How to Use DraftKings Profit Boosts

  1. Open a Draftkings account (if you don't already have one)
  2. Make a deposit into your draftkings account
  3. Place your wager following the specific terms of the profit boost
  4. Go to the Bonus Available section on the bet slip and choose the boost you want to apply
  5. Confirm your bet

Note that you must select your profit boost before placing your bet.

Bet365 Profit Boost

Completing the podium of the best US sportsbooks for profit boosts is Bet365. They are very consistent with the boosts on major American pro sports, but they also have promos for other important tournaments around the world.

While profit boosts on bet365 may not be as numerous as they are on FanDuel, this bookie is very consistent with their offers, giving customers plenty of opportunities to boost their winnings on a daily basis.

Profit Boosts on bet365

How to Claim Bet365 Profit Boost

  1. Open a bet365 account
  2. Deposit some money into your account
  3. Place your wager according to the terms of the profit boost offer
  4. Apply your boost on your bet365 betslip
  5. Get your winnings boosted if your bet wins

Types of Profit Boosts

🏈 Single Game Profit Boost

A single game profit boost is a type of boost that applies to just one game. These types of boosts are very common, and can be regularly found on FanDuel and Draftkings.

🏈🏀⚾ Multi-Game Parlay Profit Boost

A multi-game profit boost is more flexible, as it allows users to get boosts for their parlay bets. These types of profit boosts are sometimes called a parlay boost or parlay bonus.

The best bookmaker for multi-game profit boosts is bet365. Called the bet365 parlay bonus, customers can get as much as 70% profit boost on their multi-game parlays.

Bet365 parlay boost is a multi game profit boost

The bet365 Parlay Boost is one of the best multi-game boosts in the US

Boost your profit when your bet hits!
Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper

Now that you know all about profit boosts, and the bookies that offer the best boosts, go ahead and join one of our recommended betting sites to enjoy regular boosted winnings!

21+. Bet Responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.
Where to find the best profit boosts
Company Bonus TextAction
Up to $1,000 First Bet Back on Caesars
Bet $5 Get $150
If Your Bet Wins
No Sweat First Bet up to $1,500
+ Daily NBA No Sweat SGPs
Bet $5, Get $150 or $1,000 First Bet Safety Net
Up To $1,500 In Bonus Bets
If Your First Bet Is Lost

FAQs about Profit Boosts

🏆 Which sportsbook has the best profit boost?


FanDuel is the top US bookie for profit boosts. They have regular boosts for all major US sports as well as international sporting events.

🙋‍♂️ What is a profit boost token?

A profit boost token is another way to refer to profit boosts. They are tokens that you can apply to your bets in order to get boosted winnings.

💡 How do I claim a profit boost?

To claim a profit boost, simply visit the offer page of the sportsbook and hit the claim button. You also need to activate the profit boost when you want to place your bet. Be sure to follow all the terms and conditions of the offer in order to be eligible.

💵 Can I withdraw a profit boost?

Yes, profit boosts are withdrawable. If your bet is successful, your profit boost will be added to your winnings and paid out to you.

❓ How do you calculate profit boosts?

Profit boosts are very easy to calculate. All you need to do is to add the boost percentage to your winnings. If you have a 50% profit boost, your winnings will be boosted by 50%. In this case, a $100 payout becomes $150 once the 50% boost is added.

🤔 Are profit boosts worth it?

Yes, profit boosts are worth it. A profit boost is a very nice way to get bigger payouts from your bets.

🔒 Are profit boosts legal in the United States?

Yes, profit boosts are legal, as long as they are being offered by a sportsbook licensed in your state.