Deposit Match Bonus in the US

Deposit Match Bonuses

22 September 2023

Find the very best deposit match bonuses available in the United States.

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Best Deposit Match Bonuses
Company Bonus OffersAction
Bonus Offers
Up to $1000 Deposit Match
Bonus Offers
Up to $500 Deposit Match

Recommended Deposit Match Bonus

Why Caesars Deposit Match

Large bonus amount, plus additional tier and reward credits. Validity period is reasonable, giving users enough time to use the bonus.

Caesars is an all-round great sportsbook, excelling in features like same game parlay and odds boosts. It's a top bookie for betting on major competitions like the Super Bowl and the NFL.

Hit the button below to get the Caesars Sportsbook Deposit Match bonus!

Apart from Caesars, there are many other great deposit match bookies in America. Click on the links below to learn more about the best bonuses in the US, and how to claim these offers.

Top 2 Deposit Match Bonuses

  1. Caesars Deposit Match
  2. Betrivers Deposit Match

What Makes a Great Deposit Match Bonus

💰 Maximum Deposit Match Bonus Amount

This is particularly important for high rollers, as a high bonus amount means that they can go as big as they want. If you fall into this category of bettors, you may not fancy deposit match bonuses like Unibet and SI Sportsbook, who do not go beyond $100.

The preferred offers would be betMGM and Caesars, which offer up to $1500 and $1000 deposit match bonuses respectively.

📉 Minimum Deposit Amount

While it is great for sportsbooks to have high limits for their deposit match bonuses, it is also important that they don't set their minimum deposit too high.

Not everyone can afford to deposit $500 or $1000 on a betting site. Hence, there must be consideration for bettors with low budget, who just want to claim a bonus after making their deposits.

Thankfully, most American sportsbooks have set their minimum deposits at around $10.

🎯 Turnover Requirements

Before unlocking your deposit bonus, it may be necessary to wager all or part of your deposit in the sportsbook. Turnover requirements are generally fair in the US, with players only having to wager their full deposit amount to get the bonus.

We have seen lots of instances in other countries where customers are required to wager up to five times their bonus amount in order to redeem their bonus.

🕜 Bonus Validity Period

The validity period of a deposit bonus is one of the most important metrics we consider when rating these offers.

What's the point in awarding a bonus if the users aren't given enough time to use the bonus?

Betrivers excel in this department with their 30-day validity period, with Caesars also doing fairly OK with their 14-day allowance.

How Deposit Match Bonuses Work

A deposit match bonus is a type of sportsbook deposit bonus that returns the exact match of your deposit amount.

When a sportsbook offers a deposit match bonus, the bonus is equal in value to your deposit amount. They are often awarded as bonus bets.

For example, a $200 deposit gets a $200 bonus. This type of bonus is sometimes called a 100% deposit bonus.

Hence, you can only receive a deposit match bonus when you make a deposit into a betting site.
Deposit Match Bonus

Deposit match bonuses in the United States often come with wagering requirements.

In order to claim a deposit bonus, customers are usually required to wager the full amount of their deposit in the sportsbook. This qualifying wager may or may not have minimum odds requirement.

And in most cases, the deposit match bonus is only awarded if the qualifying wager loses.

These are just a few little details you should keep in mind before going ahead to claim your deposit match bonus.

How to Claim a Deposit Match Bonus: Practical Example

While there may be other variations of deposit match bonuses, these types of offers in the United States generally follow the principle below.

Let's continue with the $200 bonus we already started with in the previous section.

After you have registered on the sportsbook, you must then make a $200 deposit on the site.

Proceed by wagering the full $200 in the sportsbook. If your wager loses, you will receive your $200 deposit match bonus in bonus bets.

Read on to learn more about the most valuable deposit match bonuses in the United States. We will also give you a quick guide on how to claim each of these bonuses.

Best Deposit Match Bonuses Reviewed

Now that you know how deposit match bonuses work, let's get into more details about the very best offers in the US.

In this section, we will also tell you how to claim these deposit match bonuses.

1. Caesars Deposit Match

Maximum Deposit Match Bonus
Bonus Promo Code
Minimum Deposit
Minimum Stake
Minimum Odds


Bonus Type
Bonus Bets (Non-Withdrawable)
Bonus Validity Period
14 Days

The Caesars Deposit Match Bonus is a $1000 offer, giving customers the chance to recoup their first deposits as bonus bets.

Caesars Sportsbook Deposit Bonus distinguishes itself from rival betting sites with the added incentives of 1000 Tier Credits and 1000 Rewards credits.

How to Claim Caesars Deposit Match Bonus
  1. Open a Caesars Sportsbook Account
  2. Make a deposit equal in value to the deposit match bonus you want (minimum of $10)
  3. Wager your full deposit amount in the Caesars sportsbook (minimum stake is $10)
  4. If your bet settles as a loss, you will receive your deposit amount as bonus bets

2. Betrivers Deposit Match

Maximum Deposit Match Bonus
$500/$250/$100 (Depending on State)
Bonus Promo Code
Minimum Deposit
Minimum Stake
Minimum Odds


Bonus Type
Bonus Bets (Non-Withdrawable)
Bonus Validity Period
30 Days

The maximum value of the betrivers deposit match bonus varies from state to state. It peaks at $500 in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Louisiana, Virginia, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana, while the offer is pegged at $250 in New Jersey and Colorado.

It's a lot lower in New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Arizona and Iowa, where the bonus is $100.

This might not be the absolutely biggest deposit match bonus in town, but with a generous 30-day expiry day, betrivers have stolen a big march on their competitors.

How to Claim the Betrivers Deposit Match Bonus
  1. Join betrivers in your state (provided they are legal in your state)
  2. Fund your account with the amount you want as deposit match bonus (pay attention to the maximum value in your state)
  3. Wager your full deposit amount in the betrivers sportsbook
  4. Receive your deposit match bonus if your bet settles as a loss
Comparing the Best Deposit Match Bonuses Caesars Bonus Betrivers Bonus BetMGM Bonus
Max. Bonus$1000$500$1500
Min. Deposit$10$10$10
Min. Stake$10$10$10
Min. OddsNoneNoneNone
Validity Period14 Days30 Days7 Days
Claim row (custom compare block translation) Claim Claim Claim
Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper

Clearly, the biggest deposit match bonus offer is the betMGM offer, peaking at $1,500. However, the size of the offer is not the only variable we consider when we rank these deposit match bonuses.

The betMGM bonus expires after 7 days, which is half the validity period of the Caesars offer. The Caesars sportsbook deposit bonus also has the extra attraction of tier and Reward credits.

The wagering requirements are pretty similar across board, with all the bookies requiring customers to wager their full deposit amounts in order to get a deposit match bonus.

Note that the Caesars, betMGM and Betrivers bonuses are only awarded if the bet loses.

Are there Deposit Match Bonuses for Existing Customers?

Yes, there are deposit match bonuses for existing US customers, but these offers are not as prevalent as the sign up deposit match bonuses.

At the moment, we haven't seen any existing customer offers worthy of making it onto this page.

When that happens, you can count on us to bring such offers to your attention.

So please check back regularly to see if there's any interesting deposit match bonuses in US sportsbooks.

21+. Bet Responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.
Company Bonus OffersAction
Bonus Offers
Up to $1000 Deposit Match
Bonus Offers
Up to $500 Deposit Match

FAQs about Deposit Match Bonuses

🙋‍♂️ What is a deposit match bonus?

A deposit match bonus is a bonus that returns the exact value of your deposit. If your sportsbook is offering a deposit match bonus, a $100 deposit for example gets a $100 bonus.

💰 What is the largest deposit match bonus in the US?

BetMGM Deposit Match

The largest deposit match bonus in the US is the betMGM bonus. This bonus has a maximum value of $1500.

💡 How do I get a deposit match bonus?

To get a deposit match bonus, you need to first sign up on a deposit match sportsbook, deposit the amount you'd like to get as bonus, and wager that full amount in the sportsbook.

🏦 Can I withdraw a deposit match bonus?

In most cases, deposit match bonuses in the US are awarded as non-withdrawable bonus bets.

❓ What does 100% deposit match mean?

A 100% deposit match simply means that the sportsbook will match the value of your deposit. It's the same as a deposit match bonus.

🌐 Can I claim a deposit match bonus online?

Yes, you can claim a deposit match bonus online, as long as online sports betting is legal in your state, and you claim the bonus on a legal sportsbook.

🏆 What is the best deposit match sportsbook?

Caesars Sportsbook

Choosing the best deposit match sportsbook is a tough task, but after weighing all the key metrics, Caesars just about takes it ahead of BetMGM and Betrivers.

🔒 Are deposit match bonuses legal in the US?

Yes, deposit match bonuses are legal in the US, provided they are being offered by a licensed sportsbook in a state where sports betting is legal.