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Sporttrade Bonus

Get Cash Back Up To $300
Use Promo Code BETBST

Sporttrade Bonus Overview

Lee Cooper

New customers on Sporttrade can claim a 3% cashback up to $300 during their first week on the site!

Reviewed by Lee Cooper 04/26/2024

Sporttrade Bonus For New Customers
  • 3% of Total Wagers in First Seven Days
  • $300 Maximum Bonus
  • $5 Minimum Bonus
  • No Minimum Deposit
  • No Minimum Odds Requirement
  • Unlimited Bonus Validity Period

Sporttrade Promo Code

Use Promo Code BETBST

In order to claim the Sporttrade $300 bonus, you need to use the promo code BETBST.

The Sporttrade promo code is very easy to use - simply enter the code at the point of registration and you would gain free access to the bonus.

How to Claim the Sporttrade Bonus

  1. Open a Sporttrade account (Be sure to use promo code BETBST)
  2. Deposit some money on Sporttrade
  3. Place bets on Sporttrade in your first seven days.
  4. Get 3% cashback on every bet you place on the site within your first seven days, up to a maximum of $300

NOTE: Your seven day period starts the moment you place your first bet. After this 7-day period, Sporttrade will calculate your total stake during this timeframe, and give you a 3% cashback within the next 72 hours.

Sporttrade Bonus score

  • Bonus is withdrawable
  • Bonus awarded whether bet wins or loses
  • Unlimited Bonus Validity Period
  • Low Bonus Percentage
  • May take up to 72 hours before bonus is credited
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Sporttrade Bonus: One of a Kind in the US

If you are familiar with betting bonuses in the United States, you would have already noticed that the Sporttrade offer is very unique and different from anything else in the market.

A major selling point for the Sporttrade offer is that a cashback bonus, meaning that you can actually withdraw the bonus.

Many other US operators award their bonuses as non-withdrawable.

Bear in mind that the Sporttrade offer has a minimum value of $5, while the maximum bonus is $300.

What We Like about Sporttrade Bonus

πŸ’° Decent bonus amount

The Sporttrade bonus has a maximum value of $300, which qualifies as very decent in our opinion!

While it is not as gigantic as BetMGM's $1500 offer, or Caesars' $1000 package, it is better than many other offerings, including those of FanDuel and Draftkings (both have $200 maximum bonuses).

πŸ’΅ Bonus is withdrawable

Like we have already mentioned, the Sporttrade bonus is withdrawable. This is refreshingly different from the norm in the US, with the majority of the other bookies in the market offering bonus bets as against withdrawable cash.

The Sporttrade bonus gives room for more flexibility, as you can either take it out of your account, or keep it on the site and use your money to place more bets.

If you want a sign up bonus that you can withdraw, Sporttrade is your site!

🎁 Bonus awarded whether bet wins or loses

The award of the Sporttrade bonus is independent of whether your bets win or lose. So you will actually get your winnings (if you are fortunate enough to win), and still get your cashback bonus.

πŸ˜€ Unlimited Bonus Validity Period

While many other sportsbooks put an expiry date on their bonus, there is no such thing on Sporttrade. Once the cashback bonus is awarded, you have all the time in the world to use the bonus.

Sporttrade Bonus

What We Don’t Like about Sporttrade Bonus

😏 Low Bonus Percentage

There are many great things about the Sporttrade bonus, but a gaping disadvantage is the bonus percentage, which stands at only 3%.

This is an incredibly low percentage, and reduces the value of the bonus.

A 3% bonus effectively means that for every $3 bonus, you need to wager $100. So in order to receive the maximum $300 bonus, you'd need to place bets worth $10000 within your first seven days.

πŸ‘Ž May take up to 72 hours before bonus is credited

After you have completed your first seven days on Sporttrade, you may still have to wait up to 72 hours before you finally receive your bonus. This is definitely on the slower side compared to other sportsbooks like bet365 and Draftkings.

😐 Not many promos for existing players

Also limited on Sporttrade (for now) are promotions for existing players. There are promos here and there on the site, but they can do with adding a few more.

Editor's Take: Is the Sporttrade Bonus worth my time?
Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper

Good question.

The Sporttrade bonus for sure is a fascinating offer.

I think the bonus percentage is very low, but that is counterbalanced by the fact that the bonus is actually withdrawable. You don't get many of those in the United States.

There is no minimum deposit stated or wager on Sporttrade, but since the minimum bonus that can be awarded is $5, it means you have to wager around $167 in order to qualify for any bonus at all.

I never like to turn down any betting bonuses anyway, so I'm definitely claiming this one as well!

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Sport bonus:

Get Cash Back Up To $300
Use Promo Code BETBST

Lowest odds: None Bonus code: BETBST

FAQs about Sporttrade Bonus

πŸ”’ Is the Sporttrade bonus legal in the United States?

Yes, the Sporttrade bonus is legal in the United States. The sportsbook has licenses to operate in Colorado and New Jersey.

πŸ’° How much is the sporttrade bonus?

The Sporttrade bonus has a peak value of $300.

πŸ’‘ How can I get the Sporttrade bonus?

To get the Sporttrade bonus, you need to sign up on the site, deposit some money and start placing bets. After your first seven days of betting on Sporttrade, the bookie will return 3% of your total stake, up to a maximum of $300.

πŸ’΅ Can I withdraw the Sporttrade bonus?

Yes, the Sporttrade bonus can be withdrawn.

πŸ‘« Does Sporttrade have a referral bonus?

No, Sporttrade does not have a referral bonus at the moment.

❓ What is the minimum stake for the Sporttrade bonus?

You must wager around 167 USD in order to qualify for the Sporttrade New customer betting bonus.

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ In which states can I claim the Sporttrade bonus?

Sporttrade bonus is currently legal in Colorado and New Jersey.

🎰 Is there a casino bonus on Sporttrade?

For now, Sporttrade does not offer a casino bonus in the US.

Sporttrade Bonus review

Sporttrade Bonus sportbonus

Get Cash Back Up To $300 Use Promo Code BETBST