Parlay insurance

Parlay Insurance

10 August 2023

Cut down losses on your Parlay bets with Parlay Insurance!

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Best parlay insurance

Our Recommended Parlay Insurance Offer

FanDuel: Our Top Parlay Insurance Offer

FanDuel has a wide range of parlay insurance, including Traditional multi sports Parlay Insurance and Same Game Parlay Insurance.

These parlay insurance offers are appealing because they are available for many sports. So, irrespective of your choice of sports, you are more than likely to get Parlay insurance on your bets as long as you meet the conditions set by FanDuel.

Top 5 Parlay Insurance Offers

  1. FanDuel Parlay Insurance: Join FanDuel | Learn more
  2. DraftKings Parlay Insurance: Join DraftKings | Learn more
  3. Caesars Parlay Insurance: Join Caesars | Learn more
  4. BetMGM Parlay Insurance: Join BetMGM | Learn more
  5. Betrivers Parlay Insurance: Join Betrivers | Learn more

Parlay Insurance Sites Reviewed

FanDuel Parlay Insurance

Multi Sports & SGP Insurance

There are two types of Parlay insurance offers on FanDuel for customers. These are the FanDuel Multi sports parlay Insurance and FanDuel same game parlay insurance.

With both types of Parlay insurance, players are guaranteed up to $25 back when their bet falls short by one leg or selection.

Both parlay insurances are available for several sports, including Football, Hockey, Baseball, and others.

But be sure to keep an eye on the terms and conditions on the FanDuel site because the terms and conditions are subject to changes.

Join FanDuel
How FanDuel Multi Sports Parlay Insurance Works

FanDuel Multi Sports Parlay Insurance guarantees your bet some level of protection against outright losses if the following conditions are met:

  • Sign up on FanDuel
  • The parlay should consist of a minimum of 4 selections or legs
  • Each leg must have a minimum odds of -200 or more and cumulative odds of +400

  • All the legs must be hit except one

If all of the conditions listed above are met, you will be compensated with a bonus. The maximum bonus available is $25.

How FanDuel Same Game Parlay Insurance Works

The FanDuel Same Game Parlay insurance offers players up to $25 in bonus bets if one selection bins a Same Game Parlay bet.

Unlike the Multi-Sports Parlay insurance, all the legs must be selected from one game.

Here is how FanDuel SGP insurance:

  • Register on FanDuel

  • You have to opt-in to the offer

  • Make the number of selections required for the promo from the same game

  • The parlay must have minimum odds of +200 (Could be subject to change)

  • The bet can only be made once a day

  • The insurance covers only one failed prediction

DraftKings Parlay Insurance

Same Game Parlay Insurance

Players who prefer to play on DraftKings also have access to nice parlay insurance offers now and then.

When they are available, it spans several sports like Baseball, Football, and Basketball.

Typically, the DraftKings Parlay Insurance applies to only the traditional parlays and Same Game Parlays, with a decent return as compensation when only one leg fails to hit.

Furthermore, there is also DraftKings Stepped Up Parlay Promo which gives players boosted winnings on their same game parlay bets.

Claim 150$ offer
How DraftKings Same Game Parlay Insurance Works
  • Sign up on DraftKings
  • Opt into the promotion

  • Make a parlay with a minimum of 5 legs

  • If one selection bins your bet, you will get a bonus

  • The maximum bonus amount available is $25

Caesars Parlay Insurance

Multi Sports Parlay Insurance

Caesars also weighs in with a nice multi-sports parlay insurance. Players who have their parlay bets binned by just one leg have up to a $25 bonus bet as compensation for losing the bet by one leg.

If you are adept at calling different sports, you can bolster your chances of getting at least a part of your stake back if your bet is thrashed by one leg.

Basically, you will get 100% of your stake up to $25 as compensation.

Join Caesars
How Caesars Multi Parlay Insurance Works
  • Sign up on Caesars

  • Opt-in to the Caesars Multi Sports Parlay Insurance

  • Place a parlay with a minimum of 4 selections and each of the legs must have odds of -200 or longer

  • Get up to $25 in bonus bet if one leg of your parlay is incorrect

BetMGM Parlay Insurance

Same Game Parlay Insurance

Self-acclaimed ‘King of Parlays’ offers Parlay insurance on Same Game Parlays. And with the insurance, you are guaranteed up to $25 back once a day if your Same Game Parlay is destroyed by one selection.

Although the MLB One Game Parlay is the most prominent Same Game Parlay insurance offer on the stable of BetMGM, there are parlay insurances for Same Game Parlays for other sports from time to time.

For instance, you can find One Game Parlay insurances for basketball, hockey, soccer, and football at times.

Join BetMGM
How the BetMGM One Game Parlay Insurance Works
  • Sign up on BetMGM
  • Opt-in to the promotion
  • Create a Parlay bet with at least four legs and a minimum of +400
  • Get up to $25 back if one leg cuts your game

Betrivers Parlay Insurance

SGP Bet $ Get Offer, Parlay Party & SGP Insurance

Betrivers is very big on parlay insurance, and they have it available for most of the major sports including Tennis, Baseball, and Golf.

And when the NBA season is in full swing, players can also enjoy parlay insurance on NBA games.

They also have a Parlay party which rewards players who place four leg parlays at least four times a week.

There is a $15 bonus for four days of parlays, and a $25 bonus bet for six days of qualifying parlays, as well as a $30 bonus for an entire week off of qualifying parlays.

For lovers of Same Game Parlays, there is MLB SGP Bet $ Get Offer. With a $10 wager on 3+ MLB SGPs in a week, you will be in line for a $10 bonus bet.

Join Betrivers
⚾️ How Betrivers MLB Parlay Insurance Works
  • Sign up on Betrivers
  • Place a real money wager on 4+ leg MLB parlay
  • The qualifying wager must have odds of -509 for each event and +100 final odds
  • Each parlay must have a minimum of 3 winning legs
  • If selections become void, the above conditions have to be fulfilled to qualify

If one leg losses, you will get a stake back up to $25 and up to $100 for VIP Players Loyalty level 7

🏌 How Betrivers Golf Parlay Insurance Works
  • Sign up on Betrivers
  • Place a qualifying wager of $10 or more on any Golf Parlay
  • The qualifying wager must be on Golf Parlays with 4 legs each with -200 odds and finals odds of +100
  • Receive up to $25 if one leg losses
🏟 How Betrivers Parlay Party Works
  • Sign up on Betrivers
  • Place a qualifying bet of $10 or more on 4+ legs for days of the week
  • Wagers must have odds of -200 or longer
  • Get a $15 bonus bet for four days of parlays
  • Receive a $20 bonus bet for five days of parlays
  • Get a $25 bonus bet for six days of qualifying parlays
  • Get a $30 bonus bet for seven days of qualifying wagers
  • Bonus bets expire after 7 days
🧢 How Betrivers MLB SGP Bet $ Get Work
  • Sign up on Betrivers
  • Place a qualifying wager of $10+ on any MLB SGP
  • The qualifying wager must have odds of -200 or longer (-150, -110, +200)
  • Get a $10 MLB Bonus bet
🎾 How Betrivers Tennis Parlay Insurance Works
  • Sign up on Betrivers
  • Place a qualifying wager of $10 or more on 4+ legs on Tennis Parlay
  • Total odds must be +100 or more
  • Get 50% of your stake up to $25 if the parlay losses

What is a Parlay Insurance

Parlay insurance is a promotional offer designed by sportsbooks to reward players who lose their parlay bets.

Parlay insurance covers you to an extent in case one of the selections in your parlay falls short. For instance, If you have a parlay bet with 20 legs, and one fails to land, that bet will be settled as lost with your stake and the potential winning gone.

But with Parlay insurance, you can get your stake back up to a certain percentage if one leg derails your bet.

The rules governing parlay insurance offers vary from one Sportsbook to another. But generally, only one leg is covered, and there is always a maximum cap for stakes returned as bonus bets.

Types of Parlay Insurance

The great thing about Parlay insurance is that they come in different forms. If you like to place parlay bets, rest assured that you will definitely find a parlay insurance offer to safeguard your bets.

There is the Same Game Parlay Insurance or One Game Parlay insurance as referred to by some sportsbooks, Multi-Sports Parlay Insurance, or even Parlay insurance for traditional parlay bets.

Depending on the sportsbooks you choose to bet on, you can find any or all of the different forms of parlay insurance.

Besides the potential for a big payout, the availability of these safe nets is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of parlay bets amongst bettors in the United States.

Traditional One Sport Parlay Insurance

As the name implies, this type of parlay allows players to combine multiple wagers from different games within one sport.

It is a very common type of parlay, but most sportsbooks are likely to offer other forms of parlay insurance on their stable.

One Sport Parlay Insurance Site
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Parlay Insurance
Traditional One Sport Parlay Insurance

Same Game Parlays are probably the most popular parlay bet types, and it is not hard to understand why bettors are drawn to it.

Same Game Parlays allow players to experience the thrills of a parlay without sifting through different sports.

Because of the rising popularity of Same Game Parlays, it is understandable that sportsbooks offer more Same Game Parlay insurance than any other type.

Players like to place Same Game Parlay bets, and Sportsbook is increasingly open to giving players incentives when they lose their SGP bets.

Same Game Parlay Insurance Sites
Company Parlay Insurance OffersAction
Parlay Insurance Offers
Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball & Soccer SGPS
Parlay Insurance Offers
Baseball, Basketball & Football SGPs
Parlay Insurance Offers
Basketball, Hockey, Soccer & Football

Multi Sports Parlay Insurance

Fanduel parlay insurance

Multi-sports parlay is a combination of bets from different sports. So, for those who like to place multi-sports parlays, the multi-sports parlay insurance will come in handy.

Although this parlay type is not as popular as Same Game Parlays, some players still prefer to wade across the whole gamut of sports to create a parlay.

If you like to combine events from football, hockey, basketball, and others, you will do well to take advantage of multi-sports parlay insurance if one selection goes south.

More on Parlay Insurance

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Considerations for Choosing parlay insurance offers?

Many of the Sportsbook offer identical parlay insurance offers, but there are subtle differences that could count in your favor or otherwise as a player.

So, here are some of the key features you should look out for when you are about to choose a parlay insurance offer.

Factors to consider before choosing a parlay insurance

1⃣️ Types of parlays available

It is rare for a Sportsbook to offer all types of parlay insurance, but it is not uncommon to see two types of parlay insurance on a particular betting site.

Some offer traditional parlay insurance, while others are limited to Same Game Parlay insurance.

Overall, the type of parlay insurance available varies from one betting site to another. So you probably want to choose a betting site with more than one type of parlay insurance.

🐜 Minimum Odds

Some betting sites consider the total parlay odds, while others use the odds on the individual legs. Irrespective of the type favored by your preferred betting site, consider the minimum odds requirements carefully.

🔢 Number of selections

This is very simple! It is the minimum number of selections or legs that you must select to be eligible to enjoy the benefits of parlay insurance.

On most betting sites, it revolves around 3 or 4.

🎁 Bonus Amount

What is the highest value you can get when your parlay bet goes south? The value has to be at par with what other sportsbooks offer or competitive at least.

Generally, most sportsbooks have $25 as the maximum amount that can be refunded as bonus bets. Hence, if the maximum you can get from a bonus binned by only one leg is less than $25, you should probably reconsider your choice.

⌚️ Frequency of Offer

Parlay insurance is always available to players more often than not. However, sportsbooks set a limit on the number of parlay insurance offers a player can enjoy.

Once in a while, you can have access to insurance parlay without caps, but sportsbooks limit parlay insurance offerings to one each day.

Ready to Start Safeguarding Your Parlays?
Dennis Johnson

Dennis Johnson

Want to cut down your parlay bet losses? Why don't you try your hands on one of the various Parlay insurance offers available to you?

Join one of the sportsbooks which offer these parlay insurances to protect your bets and reduce your losses.

Parlay Insurance FAQs

🤔 How does parlay insurance work?

Parlay insurance offers generally follow the same principle, despite little variations from one betting site to another. You have to place a parlay bet that satisfies the odds and selection conditions set by the sportsbook.

Then, if all the selections but one is correct, you will be eligible to get bonus bets.

❓How often is insurance paid?

The frequency of payments depends on the betting site. But mostly, the allocation of parlay insurance is generally limited to once per day.

⁉️ What is a Same Game Parlay?

Same Game Parlay is a type of bet in which you combine various outcomes from one single game to create a single wager. Depending on betting sites, it could be referred to as One Game Parlay or Single Game Parlay as well.

The betting sites listed below offer the same game parlays:

🤷 Is Parlay Insurance applicable to all parlays?


Sportsbooks have their respective limitations on the betting options eligible for parlay insurance or how many times a player can benefit from it.

To understand it better, pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the parlay insurance offer you intend to claim.

😕 How many legs are required to be eligible for parlay insurance?

This varies from one betting site to betting site. However, 3-4 legs are the acceptable number of selections or legs in many sportsbooks.