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Fanatics Bonus

Bet $100, Get $100
in Bonus Bets Every Day for 10 Days

Fanatics Bonus Overview

Dennis Johnson

Fanatics offers new players up to 5% Fancash on bets to new customers.

Reviewed by Dennis Johnson 03/08/2024

Fanatics Bonus for New Customers

Up to 5% FanCash

  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Minimum Stake: $.10
  • Minimum Odds: None
  • Promo Code: No Promo Code
  • Bonus Validity Period: 90 Days

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Fanatics Bonus for Existing Customers
  • Referral Bonus
  • Odds Boost
  • Cash Out

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Fanatics Bonus score

  • Great validity period
  • Referral bonus
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Low bonus percentage
  • Short on promotions
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Fanatics Bonus: In a league of its own

For the uninitiated, the Fanatics bonus is unique and different from most of the new customer offers in the market.

Fanatics offer new players 5% Fancash on their bets. However, the percentage accruable to a player is dependent on the bet type and the bet amount.

Players who place a straight bet will get 1% Fancash, a parlay bet will return 3%, while same game parlays will return 5%.

The table below shows how the bonus is allotted based on the bet types.

Straight Bet
1% FanCash
Parlay Bet
3% FanCash
Same Game Parlay
5% FanCash

How to claim the Fanatics Bonus

5 Easy Steps to Bagging the Fanatics Bonus
  1. Sign up on Fanatics (Fill out the registration form)
  2. Fund your Fanatics account (The minimum deposit is $5)
  3. Place a bet (Remember, the bonus percentage is dependent on bet type)
  4. Get a Fancash (Based on the potential win & bet type)
  5. Redeem FanCash as bonus bets

Sign up Fanatics and Claim Your Bonus!

Fanatics new player fancash

Fanatics Account Verification

New players in the Fanatics platform are required to verify their new accounts to continue using their accounts or redeem bonus bets.

Account verification is a mandatory part of the Fanatics account creation process. Usually, an email verification will do the magic. Players who create new accounts will receive emails asking them to verify their accounts.

After this is done, players can continue placing bets on their accounts and are also able to redeem their Fancash bonus bets if they so wish.

Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson Editor

How is the Fancash Awarded?

Wondering how the FanCash is awarded? Here is your answer!

After creating your Fanatics account and placing a bet, you will be awarded your Fancash. Remember, the Fancash you will get is a percentage of your bet amount and is also dependent on the type of bet you placed.

As we have stated earlier, straight bets return a 1% Fancash, parlay bets return 3%, and same game parlay 5%. Bets that have been cashed out are not eligible for theFancash, so are canceled or voided bets.

Screenshot 2023 12 14 at 7 45 00 PM

If a selection that is a part of parlay is canceled or voided such that only one selection remains on the bet, the Fancash will be awarded as though it were a straight bet.

Fancash awarded will be rounded up to the nearest $.01, which means that a player will not get a FanCash if the amount earned is less than $.005.

Additionally, bets made with bonus bets or other types of promotional offers are not eligible to earn FanCash. Eligible bets made using Odds Boost will earn up to 1% Fancash.

👍 What we like about the Fanatics Bonus

⌚️ Extensive validity period

One of the most unique features of the Fanatics bonus is the validity period. The validity period of the Fanatics bonus offer is an interesting one.

Rather than having the bonus expire within a specific number of days from getting the Fancash as is the practice with other sportsbooks, the Fanatics Sportsbook expires on December 31 of the year it was earned, except when redeemed.

If the Fancash is redeemed as a bonus bet, the bonus has to be used within 90 days from when the Fancash was redeemed for the bonus bet.

💲 Low Minimum Deposit

Another factor that we consider a stand-out factor of the Fanatics bonus is the low minimum deposit. The minimal amount of deposit required to qualify for the Fancash bonus is $5.

The $5 sum in comparison to the requirements of other Sportsbooks is way more affordable, which means more new players can access the bonus.

On most sportsbooks in the United States, the minimum required deposit is $10. But it is way lower for new players on Fanatics.

No Minimum Odds

We can all agree that freedom is priceless, and we all love it. For players, who are wondering what the odd requirement to qualify for the Fancash offer is, it is nothing.

As a new player, you do not have to worry about minimum odds. All you have to do is place a bet and you will get a percentage of the bet amount as Fancash irrespective of the outcome.

Whether you opt for a straight bet, parlay bet, or even damage game parlay bet, you will be eligible for the bonus as long as you meet other conditions.

Sport bonus:

Bet $100, Get $100
in Bonus Bets Every Day for 10 Days

Turnover: 1x Bonus Amount Lowest odds: None Bonus code: No Code

👎 What we don’t like about the Fanatics bonus

🎁 Low Bonus Percentage

While the extensive validity period is a really good feature of the Fanatics bonus, the percentage of the bonus on offer is way too low.

The highest bonus percentage is 5% which is a far cry from some of the best in the sports betting market across the United States.

A 100% stake return seems to be the universally accepted minimum standard for bonus offers, however, the fanatics bonus percentage falls way short of this benchmark, and that’s something we do not really like.

A higher stake to bonus percentage is more desirable, and new players can glean more value from the offer.

How to use the Fanatics Bonus

Players who have earned their Fancash have two usage options. It can either be used as a bonus bet for placing bets or used as a shop credit to acquire merchandise in a Fanatics store.

Irrespective of the option you choose, we've got some great insights for you.

💰 Bonus Bets

The first option is to redeem the FanCash as bonus bets to use them on bets. To redeem the FanCash for bonus bets, you have to select the amount of Fancash you want to redeem as long as it is more than the minimum bet amount of $.10.

Once you have redeemed the FanCash for a bonus bet, the bonus bet must be used at once. For example, if you redeem $10 FanCash, the $10 must be used in a single wager within 90 days of redeeming it.

Shop Credit

The second option is to redeem your FanCash for discounts on eligible merchandise on To redeem the FanCash, you must be logged into your FancCash account.

Additionally, if you choose to redeem the FanCash on a commercial site, you must redeem the full amount.

Existing Customer Offers on Fanatics

The generosity of Fanatics is not reserved for new players alone. Existing players can also enjoy some nice offers.

Below are some of the best existing player offers available on Fanatics.

Fanatics Existing Player Promotions

👬 Refer A Friend

Refer A FriendBonus is one of the most popular bonuses for existing players on sportsbooks in America, and Fanatics customers also get rewarded for inviting their friends to join the Fanatics Sportsbook.

For each customer player introduced to Fanatics, there is a $50 reward as long as he or she deposits $50.

📈 Odds Boost

Odds Boosts are available in abundance on Fanatics, and players can take advantage of these boosts to get increased odds which will translate to higher potential winnings.

It is available on most of the sports and events in the Fanatics sportsbook.

For those who do not know, the odds boost provides players with increased possible winnings without increased risk.

💵 Cash Out

Cash out is another desirable feature found on the Fanatics betting site. With the cashout, you can decide when to call time on your bets.

For instance, if you have a parlay running and with most of the games settled and a couple of events left to run, but you are skeptical about the possibility of landing the remaining two legs, you can cash out and run with your profit.

Sometimes, it can also be used to cut losses and move on to another bet.

Get Your Sign Up Bonus on Fanatics

Bet $100, Get $100
in Bonus Bets Every Day for 10 Days

The Fanatics bonus is a nice offer for new players. The uniqueness of the welcome bonus makes it outstanding and more importantly, it allows players to claim a bonus bet or shop credit to get the latest merchandise on the Fanatics store.

Players can get up to 5% Fancash which can be redeemed as either a bonus bet or shop credited on

If you are ready to start your betting journey on Fanatics, click the button below to claim your FanCash which you can convert to bonus bets.

Claim 100$ offer

Fanatics Bonus FAQs

💲 How much is the Fanatics bonus?

Fanatics offers new players Up to 5% FanCash which can be redeemed as bonus bets or Shop credits.

Register on Fanatics And Get Your Bonus!

🤔 How can I get the Fanatics bonus?

Claiming the Fanatics bonus is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up on Fanatics
  2. Fund your Fanatics account
  3. Place a bet
  4. Get a Fancash (Based on the potential win & bet type)
❔ Can I withdraw the Fanatics Fancash?

The Fanatics Fancash cannot be withdrawn. It can only be redeemed as bonus bets that can be used to place bets.

Alternatively, it can also be redeemed as shop credit to shop on the Fanatics store.

⏰️ What is the validity period of the fanatics bonus?

The validity period of the Fanatics bonus is 90 days.

💳 What is the minimum stake for the Fanatics bonus?

The minimum stake for the Fanatics bonus is $5.

👫 Do fanatics offer Refer A Friend bonus?

Yes! Fanatics offer existing players a Refer A Friend bonus.

Fanatics Bonus review

Fanatics Bonus sportbonus

Bet $100, Get $100 in Bonus Bets Every Day for 10 Days