Draft Kings Rewards Program

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards

17 March 2023

Earn Tier Credits and Crowns for every dollar you spend on DraftKings!

What is Draftkings Dynasty Rewards Program?

DraftKings Dynasty is a reward program that gives a wide range of bonuses and other benefits to loyal and consistent DraftKings customers.

Once you sign up on DraftKings, you automatically become eligible for the rewards program.

For every dollar spent on DraftKings, you will earn Crowns and Tier Credits, which can subsequently be redeemed as site credits, merchandise, real-life experiences and more.

Draft Kings Dynasty

DraftKings Rewards

How Does It Work?

To know how DraftKings Dynasty Rewards work, you need to understand two main terminologies: Crowns and Tier Credits work.

DraftKings Crowns

You earn Crowns by playing on any DraftKings product. You earn Crowns for every dollar spent in the DraftKings Sportsbook, online casino, Daily Fantasy and DraftKings Marketplace.

The amount of Crowns a customer earns is dependent on factors like type of bet, amount on the wager and number of bets placed.

Crowns can then be redeemed for just about anything, including $DK, gift cards and numerous items in the Dynasty Store.

DraftKings Tier Credits

Just like Crowns, Tier Credits are also available when you wager on any DraftKings product.

  • In the DraftKings sportsbook, for example, you earn 1 Tier Credit for every $10 wagered on a straight bet or futures bet.
  • For parlay wagers, including same game parlays, you earn 1 Tier Credit for every $5 dollar bet.

When you accumulate enough Tier Credits, you will unlock new Tier Status and become eligible for some amazing rewards.

Start Earning Crowns and Tier Credits

Tier Status in the DraftKings Dynasty

The lowest Tier Status in the DraftKings Dynasty is the Bronze Status.

All new customers have Bronze status by default. To advance to a higher Tier Status, you must earn a specified number of Tier Credits, as shown below.

  1. Bronze (Complementary for all customers)
  2. Silver (5,000 Tier Credits)
  3. Gold (25,000 Tier Credits)
  4. Diamond (90,000 Tier Credits)
  5. Onyx (175,000 Tier Credits)

The higher your Tier Status, the bigger your reward.

As you rise higher in the dynasty, you will get access to bigger Weekly Prizes, and if you get to the Diamond or Onyx levels, you will get exclusive gifts and invitation to VIP events.

DraftKings Dynasty Weekly Prize Chest

Depending on your DraftKings Dynasty Tier Status, you can claim as much as 1,000,000 Crowns every week, thanks to the Weekly Prize Chest!

In order to benefit from the Prize Chest, you must have attained at least Silver Tier Status.

These prizes are awarded every Wednesday, and can be claimed on the Promo Tab.

Earn Crowns and Hidden Treasures Every Week

The weekly prizes available for each Tier Status are:

  1. Silver Tier Status- 500 Crowns Guaranteed; 100,000 Crowns Top Prize
  2. Gold Tier Status- 2,000 Crowns Guaranteed; 200,000 Crowns Top Prize
  3. Diamond Tier Status- 10,000 Crowns Guaranteed; 1 Million Crowns Top Prize
  4. Onyx Tier Status- 20,000 Crowns Guaranteed; 5 Million Crowns Top Prize

In addition, your Prize Chest could include Hidden Treasures like Apple Watches and Virtual Reality Headsets.

Draft Kings Dynasty Weekly Prizes
Redeem Crowns for DK Dollars and other items in the DraftKings Store

Remember, Crowns can be redeemed as DK Dollars; or to get gift cards, merchandise, gadgets and more items in the DraftKings Store.

For example, 550 Crowns exchanges for 1 $DK on DraftKings. Your $DK can then be used to place free bets in the sportsbook or casino, and to make purchases in the DraftKings Marketplace.

Join The DraftKings Rewards Program

The DraftKings Dynasty is a fun program that gives a lot back to loyal DraftKings customers.

You don't have to do anything special to be a part of it. All that you need is to open a DraftKings account and start wagering on any of the different products on the site.

As you wager and hopefully win, you will also advance through the Dynasty Tiers and get some great rewards!

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