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Draftkings Reignmakers Promo

12 December 2023

Draftkings customers can make a choice between dozens of different no-fee Reignmakers Football contests offering up to $30M in prizes.

Draftkings Reignmakers Promo

The 2023-24 NFL season is already in full swing and there are all kinds of promos that football enthusiasts can take advantage of. Of course, DraftKings is always front and centre with offers dedicated to the NFL.

There are numerous fantasy formats like the season long, the best ball format and the DFS format. However, having pioneered the DSF format, DraftKings is bringing a new way to play fantasy football called the Reignmakers.

DraftKings’ Reignmakers initiative is an NFT-based fantasy sports game which allows players to build a collection of gamified NFL player cards through pack drops, auctions, and secondary marketplace.

There is also the option to use players from their collection to build a lineup into Fantasy Sports-style games on a weekly basis

How it works

Having agreed a deal with the NFLPA, DraftKings can now leverage player names, images, and likenesses to create NFTs that are usable in daily fantasy games of skill.

With Reignmakers Football, fans can collect player card NFTs of their favourite players.

In the DraftKings Reignmakers Football promo, the Player Card NFTs each have a rarity tier. In order of least scarce to most scarce, these tiers are listed below:

  • Core
  • Rare
  • Elite
  • Legendary
  • Reignmaker

DraftKings Reignmakers promo is similar to classic daily fantasy sports but with a twist as only players you own in your collection can be enteredinto Reignmakers contests. The fantasy football game for Reignmakers Football lives inside the DraftKings Fantasy Sports app.

In each of the 22 weeks of the 2023-24 Football season, including the playoffs, you will have your choice between dozens of different no-fee Reignmakers Football contests offering up to $30M in prizes, although new customers who only obtain their Free Starter Pack for the 2023 season, will only be eligible for $1M in prizes.

Contest offerings will include Classic (multiple games) and Showdown (single game) formats, as well as contests requiring different Player Card NFTs across all Rarity Tiers – from CORE to REIGNMAKER.


Reignmaker contests are similar to regular fantasy sports games, but you pick your players in a different way.

In Reignmaker contests, players use their own NFT player cards to create their lineups instead of choosing players with a maximum preset salary cap. In Reignmaker contests, the scoring, position requirements, and everything else remains the same.

Players can enter Reignmaker competitions by signing in and going to the DraftKings main area to choose the game they like. Reignmaker contests are free to enter, but each game’s drafting rules require users to have the right NFTs in terms of positions and rarity.

Competing in harder contests needs rarer NFTs, but players can win bigger prizes.

The steps below illustrate how to play the DraftKings Reignmakers promo:

  1. Create a DraftKings account
  2. Login to your existing DraftKings account.
  3. Get a full-roster Starter Pack FREE after registration.
  4. Build your NFT Fantasy Franchise and compete free all season for millions in prizes.

Join Draftkings Reignmakers

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  • This promo is available to both new and existing customers.

  • Player must have a verified DraftKings account

  • The Reignmakers promo is not available in CT, ID, HI, LA, MT, NV, OR, PA and WA

  • Only players 18+ Years (19+ in Alabama and Nebraska & 21+ in Iowa, Louisiana and Massachusetts) are eligible for this bonus.

  • The promo can be claimed on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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What Are DraftKings NFTs?

Players will find two different kinds of NFTs on DraftKings:

  1. Player card NFTs
  2. Field Pass NFTs

Player card NFTs are much more important to understand than the other option. They are like digital collectible cards, and they are very important for DraftKings Reignmakers.

Each Reignmakers NFT represents a particular athlete who can earn points in fantasy contests for players. As a result, the NFTs of the best athletes are usually sold for a lot of money in auctions and on the secondary market.

Players can get DraftKings Reignmakers NFTs in many ways.

  • Buying packs through DraftKings NFT releases.
  • Purchasing NFTs from other people who already own them.
  • Winning bids for items sold after the original sale.
  • When you buy Field Pass NFTs, you get a special reward.
  • Winning prizes in free competitions.

How Draftkings Reignmakers Scoring Works

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DraftKings gives each user a score based on the NFT cards they collect. Every card a player owns in their NFT collection increases their franchise score. This score is determined by how rare, old, and from which set the card is.

Furthermore, players who have Field Pass NFTs will receive a higher franchise score based on the tier of the NFT.

  • Core Field Pass: 1% score boost
  • Rare Field Pass: 2% score boost
  • Elite Field Pass: 3% score boost
  • Legendary Field Pass: 4% score boost
  • Reignmaker Field Pass: 5% score boost
Screenshot 2023 12 12 190533

*And as always player performances are also rewarded.

TJ Foster
TJ Foster Editor

Sign Up and start playing Draftkings Reignmakers

This is a truly intriguing offer for both new and existing customers as DraftKings is taking fantasy football a notch higher.

The offer of up to $30M is an attractive enough proposition for any player to get involved

To take advantage of this offer, just click the button below to become a DraftKings user and start playing Reignmakers.

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