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FanDuel Same Game Parlay

12 October 2023

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FanDuel Same Game Parlay: All You Need to Know

FanDuel is one of the most innovative sportsbooks and it is at the forefront of innovation in the online sports betting industry in the country.

One such innovation is the FanDuel Same Game Parlay which gives players an opportunity to combine multiple betting options from one game.

The essence is for players to fashion out a bet from a single event with the aim of getting higher odds and ultimately a bigger winning.

Due to the prospects of a higher payout from Same Game Parlays, more bettors are turning to SGPs to make a fortune off betting sites.

How does the FanDuel Same Game Parlay Work?

As you may have seen many times before now, Same Game Parlays allow players to combine different betting options from one single game to form a wager.

The idea of a same game parlay is for players to create a bet from a single match or game. Usually, this is because players can be confident about predicting multiple outcomes from one match.

To make a same game parlay, there must be a minimum of three selections. With more selections added to the bet slip, odds increase, resulting in an increased potential payout if the bet lands.

Screenshot 2023 10 13 at 3 04 22 AM

The image above shows four different betting options from the match between the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans. The individual odds on all selections resulted in a +2012 final odds which means that a $10 wager will return a $200 payout if the parlay is settled as won.

If each of the betting options in the parlay are placed as single bets, the odds will be shorter and definitely the potential payout will be significantly lower.

How to place a Same Game Parlay Bet on FanDuel

Make an SGP bet in 7 easy steps.
  1. Create your FanDuel account
  2. Make a deposit into your newly created account.
  3. Navigate from the homepage to select the sports or team you want to bet on.
  4. Choose your betting options. Remember that moneyline, totals, and point spreads are the most common options.
  5. The minimum number of selections for a single game outlay is three.
  6. Your options will be added to the bet slip as you select them.
  7. Input a wager amount and place your bet.
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FanDuel Same Game Parlays Reviewed

In this section, we will take a more in-depth look into the FanDuel SGPs for the most different sports on its stable.

1. FanDuel NBA Same Game Parlay

The FanDuel NBA Same Game Parlay is very popular, and it is available to both new and old players.

The NBA is hugely popular and it is one of the most followed leagues in the United States. To be more precise, the NBA provides players with a lot of betting opportunities.

Therefore it is natural for players who gravitate towards placing Same Game Parlay bets to choose NBA matches. For FanDuel NBA Parlays, players can bet on the outcome of the match, player props, and over/ under bets.

2. FanDuel NFL Same Game Parlay

NFL lovers can make FanDuel NFL Same Game Parlay bet from just a single game.

The National Football League (NFL) is by far the most popular and the league attracting the most bets from America.

Players who like to make the same game parlays from one NFL match have a groundswell of betting options. From player props to the first touchdown or even the total home runs.

Generally, NFL lovers have various betting options when they want to make the same game parlay on FanDuel.

3. FanDuel MLB Same Game Parlay

The Major League Baseball (MLB) completes the big three sporting leagues in the United States, and of course, bettors can place the same game parlays on matches in the league.

The MLB gives American bettors varying but unique betting opportunities. Baseball is particularly known as a favorite of many players who love to place single game parlays on FanDuel.

So, if you are yet to get the memo, you can place countless same game parlays from matches in the MLB.

4. FanDuel NHL Same Game Parlay

For bettors who prefer to bet on NHL games, Hockey matches are also available for same game parlays or single game parlays.

Like other SGPs in other sports, players can select correlated odds from the same match to form a single wager.

Bettors can select over/under betting options, match outcomes, and even player props, for example, player A to score over 1.5 goals in a match.

NHL same game parlays follow the same principle as others.

Sport bonus:

Bet $5 Get $150
If Your Bet Wins

Turnover: 1x Bonus Amount Lowest odds: No Minimum Odds Bonus code: No Code

Pre-set SGPs in the FanDuel Parlay Hub

It is no news that FanDuel is always setting new standards in the sports betting industry. Just like they pioneered the same game parlay, they have also gotten ahead with the parlay hub.

For players who are feeling a little indecisive about which sports or matches to base their same game parlays on, the parlay hub is where to look for already pre-selected same game parlays.

There are same game parlays for football, basketball, hockey, and soccer complete with odds and potential winnings for a particular stake.

You can choose any of the pre-arranged same game parlays of your choice from the options available from the list. That way you will save time trying to find the best combinations.

FanDuel Same Game Parlay Plus (SGPx)

The desire to give customers a better chance of winning and continuing its innovative trend birthed the Same Game Parlay Plus also known as SGPx.

SGPx allows players to make and combine two separate SGPs. The SGPx promises an even better payout than regular SGPs. However, the odds of landing one are very low. In essence, the higher the odds and payout, the lower the chances of winning.

SGP Cash Out

FanDuel also allows cash out on same game parlays sometimes before the bet runs its course. With cash out, you can take the payout available without waiting to let the bet settle or risk losing everything.

If your bet is eligible for cashout, a cashout value will be displayed on your active wager. The cashout feature is a good tool for players to cut losses and maximize winnings.

However, players looking to use the cashout feature should always keep their eyes on their active bets because the cashout offer is offered and withdrawn intermittently by the Sportsbook, using the trend of live games contained in the bet.

So, to avoid missing out on getting a return from your wager, you have to keep an eye on your bet.

FanDuel SGP Insurance

Same game parlays are fraught with risk, and to encourage bettors, FanDuel offers players protection for their same game parlay bets with parlay insurance.

Parlay insurance provides a good cover for same game parlay bets that fall short of the mark. Players who lose their same game parlay bets by one leg can get their stake back in bonus bets.

The FanDuel parlay insurance is on the principle of losing your SGP by one leg only. This means if your bet fails to hit as a result of the failure of one selection to come through, you will get your stake up to $25.

This means that you cannot get back more than $25 on a lost bet irrespective of your original wager amount. Nevertheless, the FanDuel same game parlay insurance is a good way to protect your bet in case it takes a wrong turn.

How to use the FanDuel Same Game Parlay Insurance
  1. Register on FanDuel if you do not have an account already.
  2. Once you sign up, make a deposit.
  3. Place a same game parlay (Remember to place an SGP bet with the correct minimum of selections).
  4. Get a bonus (if your bonus if your SGP loses by one leg).
Sport bonus:

Bet $5 Get $150
If Your Bet Wins

Turnover: 1x Bonus Amount Lowest odds: No Minimum Odds Bonus code: No Code

Fanduel No sweat same game parlay

FanDuel customers can also get a refund on their same game parlay bets if they fail to land with the FanDuel no sweat same game parlay offer. All it takes to be eligible for the offer is placing a $1 same game parley bet with at least three selections.

Fanduel no sweat sgp

The bet must have a final minimum odds of +400 or longer. If the bet fails to land, players will be given a refund in bonus bets within 72 hours of the bet settling.

With the FanDuel No Sweat Bet, you are guaranteed your stake back.

Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson Editor

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FanDuel is a leading betting site in America, and it offers various betting features including the highly popular same game parlay which they pioneered.

SGPs provide players with a good opportunity to wager on a single game that they are fairly positive about their outcomes.

Additionally, SGPs settle more quickly than traditional parlays. That’s even another reason to try out the FanDuel same game parlay.

FanDuel Same Game Parlay Insurance FAQs

🤔 Can I use the FanDuel SGP feature as a new player?

Yes! Once you create your FanDuel account and you make a deposit, you will be able to place an SGP bet.

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🤷 Can I cash out my FanDuel SGP bet?

Of course, cash out is available for SGPs on FanDuel. However, cash out is not made available for players automatically.

The availability of cash is primarily down to how well the bet is going.

❔ How are the FanDuel same game parlay odds determined?

Just like every other bet type, the odds for each betting option are set by FanDuel. But the two major factors that contribute to the total odds of a FanDuel SGP are the number of legs and the odds on each of the legs.

❓ What is the difference between FanDuel SGP and FanDuel SGPx?

The difference between the FanDuel SGP and SGPx is simple. The FanDuel same game parlay allows players to make a parlay bet from a single game, while the FanDuel SGPx allows for a combination of multiple SGP bets.

⁉️ How many selections does the FanDuel SGP bet requires

To make an SGP bet on FanDuel, players are usually required to select a minimum of three betting options from a game.