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Best Accumulator Bonuses in Nigeria

6 January 2023

Do you want to learn about the Accumulator bonus, we are going to tell you all you need to know!

Accumulator Bonus Sites

  1. 700% Win Boost

  2. 500% Multi bet Boost

  3. 225% Acca Bonus

  4. 170% Multiple Boost

  5. 125% Accumulator Bonus

Our Top Acca Bonus: Betway

Betway is the best betting site for beginners 861 599 px
Betway Win Boost

Betway offers all players new and old customers a whopping 700% on their Accumulator bet winnings depending on the number of selections.

With only two or more events with a minimum odds of 1.20 a player is eligible to enjoy the accumulator bonus.

The Betway win boost allows for up to 50 selections on a betting slip.

The more selections on the bet slip the higher the Acca bonus up to a maximum of 700%.

Ayo Adesanya
Ayo Adesanya Editor-in-Chief

What makes a good Accumulator Bonus?

As a bonus enthusiast, I intentionally look for value across the different betting sites.

I am always deliberate about bonuses or any offer that gives extra value.

However, it is not advisable to jump at every offer. There are a few factors you have to look out for.

Here are some of the factors that makes a great Accumulator bonus.

Factors to consider in Choosing an Acca Bonus

👶 Minimum Number of Selections

The number of events or selections is crucial in getting an acca bonus.

All the betting sites which offer Accumulator bonuses have a minimum number of events you have to put on your bet slip.

Some bookies require that a player selects a minimum of five events, while some other bookmakers stipulates that there has to be at least two or hree selections to be eligible for an accumulator or multi bet bonus.

🐜 Minimum Odds

The minimum refers to the smallest odds for any event you wish to select as part of your multi bet or Accumulator.

Usually, the minimum odds for any event to qualify for an additional Acca bonus is 1.20 across many betting sites.

However, it is a little different on Wazobet that requires a minimum odd of 1.25.

💯 Accumulator Bonus Percentage

The Acca bonus percentages vary from one site to another.

Some betting sites like Betway offer as much as 700% more bonus on potential winnings, another like Wazobet gives only 125%

Therefore, it goes without saying that the bonus percentage plays a big role in how much bonus you can get on your Multi bets.

Best Acca Bonuses Reviewed

Betway Win Boost

700% Win Boost

Betway is one of the top betting sites in Nigeria and they offer an amazing Accumulator bonus.

Players with a Betway account have access to up to 700% multi boost on accumulator or multi bets.

Once you have a minimum of two selections on your bet slip, you will get a bonus corresponding to the number of your selections.

You can select as many as 40 events in your bet slip. The higher the number of events, the higher your win boost bonus.

Win Boost Quick Facts

Maximum Acca Bonus: 700%

Minimum selections: 2 events

Minimum odds: 1.20

Parimatch Multi Bet Boost

500% Multi Bet Boost

Parimatch is another top bookmaker offering Nigerian players an accumulator bonus in the form of a multi bet boost.

It is christened Parimatch Power Boost. With a multi bet of 3 events you will have a bonus added to your potential winnings.

Players can select up to 50 events and the bonus multiplier depends on the number of events on the bet slip.

The maximum amount of pay out with the Power boost is ₦40,000,000.

Multi Bet Boost Quick Facts

Maximum Acca Bonus: 500%

Minimum selections: 3 events

Minimum odds: 1.20

Betking Acca Bonus

225% Acca Bonus

Betking offers all customers a 225% Accumulator bonus for all multi bets.

To be eligible for the Betking 225% Acca bonus, you need to select at least 5 events on your bets slip.

In addition, each of the events selected must have a mini off of 1.20.

With five selections, you will get a 5% bonus on your winnings.

If you select as many as 40 events which is the maximum allowed you will be smiling home with an additional 225% bonus on your winnings.

Acca Bonus Quick Facts

Maximum Acca Bonus: 225%

Minimum selections: 5 events

Minimum odds: 1.20

Bet9ja 170% Multiple Boost

170% Multiple Boost

Bet9ja is one of the oldest bookies in Nigeria and they have carved a reputation for giving customers various bonuses.

One of such bonuses is the 170% multiple boost. Each selection on the Accumulator bet slip gives a customer an extra 5% on the potential winnings.

With each additional selection, the percentage of the bonus increases up to a maximum of 170%.

The Bet9ja multiple boost allows counts only up to the 38th selection.

Multiple Boost Quick Facts

Maximum Acca Bonus : 170%

Minimum selections: 5 events

Minimum odds: 1.20

Wazobet Accumulator Bonus

125% Accumulator Bonus

Wazobet is another betting site with an offer of Accumulator bonus for both old and new customers.

The accumulator bonus is awarded to accumulator bets only. Multi bets with a minimum of four folds or selections are eligible for the bonus.

The minimum odds required for the first 10 events is 1.20, while the minimum odds is lowered to 1.20 odds from the 11th selection.

This means if you select 10 events and below, you have to select events with a minimum of 1.25 each.

Accumulator Bonus Quick Facts

Maximum Acca Bonus: 125%

Minimum selections: 4 events

Minimum odds: 1.25

Multi Bet Bonuses Comparison

Below is a comparison of the top four (4) Accumulator bonuses in Nigeria.

Acca Bonuses ComparedBetwayParimatchFrapapaBetking
Minimum Selections2355
Minimum odss1.
Bonus percentage700500400225

How to get an Acca Bonus

Here are the steps to get an Accumulator bonus.

Join An Accumulator Bonus Sites

🤷 What is an Accumulator Bonus?

Accumulator or multi bets are very popular in Nigeria. Many betting sites now offer an acca bonus. This gives players extra value when they win their long tickets.

Acca bonus is very popular in Nigeria and it is no surprise that betting sites are now encouraging customers to place Acca bets with bonuses.

The good thing about Acca bonuses is that the higher your selections, the bigger the bonus you will get.

How does an Accumulator Bonus work?

Accumulator bonus is extra winnings on the regular payout from your accumulator bets. This is usually given to customers who place and win an Accumulator bet.

The good thing about accumulator bonus is that even with a little stake, a player can get a considerably large payout on their bet.

With accumulator bonuses, the higher the number of selections, the bigger the bonus if you land a winner.

However, there are conditions attached to the accumulator bonus, and these conditions vary from one bookmaker to another.

More often than not, they are only available for pre-match bets. Minimum events and odds are also stated by the betting sites.

Additionally, cashed out bets are not eligible for the bonus.

Common Facts About Acca Bonuses
  • The Acca bonus is also referred to as multi bet bonus or boost
  • Your potential winnings is increased with an accumulator bonus
  • There is always a minimum number of events . Usually from 4 upwards
  • The Acca bonus increases with more selections
  • It is mostly available for pre-match bets
Ayo Adesanya
Ayo Adesanya Editor-in-Chief

Sign up on An Accumulator Bonus Site

We have told you all you need to know about Accumulator bonuses.

Go ahead and choose one, sign up and start placing bets to enjoy the acca bonus on offer.

Acca Bonus FAQs

🤔 Which betting site offers the best Acca bonus?

There are quite a few betting sites with very good accumulator bonuses, but the best are:






❓How can I claim my Accumulator bonus?

The accumulator bonus is paid as cash along with the winnings of your accumulator bet.

❔What qualifies as an accumulator bet?

It depends on the betting site. Some betting sites require at least four selections on a bet slip, while some others require five.

⁉️ Is Bet boost the same as an Accumulator bonus?

Yes in most cases! Some betting sites have designated names for their Acca bonuses, but they generally mean accumulator bonuses.

😕 What is the meaning of an Acca bonus?

An Acca bonus is a bonus that bookies offer customers for having multiple selections on their bet slip

Acca Bonus Sites in Nigeria

  1. 700% Win Boost

  2. 500% Multi Bet Boost

  3. 400% Accumulator Boost

  4. 225% Acca Bonus

  5. 210% Acca Bonus

  6. 170% Multiple Boost

  7. 125% Accumulator Bonus