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500% Deposit Bonuses in Nigeria

26 January 2023

This is your one stop shop for information on 500% deposit betting bonuses in Nigeria! Note that only Yangasport offers the 500% deposit bonus at the moment.

How to get a 500% deposit bonus - 4 Quick steps
Ayo Adesanya

Ayo Adesanya

  1. Register on 500% deposit bonus site
  2. Make a deposit
  3. Get your bonus
  4. Use your bonus

Follow this link for a detailed guide on how to claim a 500% deposit bonus.

Ayo Adesanya
Ayo Adesanya Editor-in-Chief

Word from the bonus expert

First things first, all bonuses are worth it as long as they give real value.

The value could be in the form of cash or free bets. Both add immense value to your online betting experience especially when you are just starting out.

Most betting sites award a percentage of the player’s first deposit as a bonus.

More often than not, you will find a 100% deposit bonus offer rather than 500% bonus. Nevertheless, that is not to say there is no 500% bonus available to you.

The 500% bonus offers a higher percentage of your first deposit bonus.

This means that you will get 5x more bonus on your first than the regular 100% bonus.

500% First deposit bonus site reviewed

How to get a 500% Deposit Bonus

Want to get the a 500% first deposit bonus? Follow the steps below.

Sign up on 500% deposit bonus site

Finding a 500% deposit is not difficult at all.

We have even made your job easier by telling you about the 500% deposit bonus site.

All you have to do is to open your account and to get a deposit bonus.

To do this, you have to provide certain details like your full name, Date of birth, email address etc.

Input these details into the appropriate fields and your account will be opened.

Yanga sign up
Make a deposit

After your account is created, the next step is to fund your account.

Making a deposit is required for a new customer to get a first deposit bonus.

So, if you want to get your bonus, go ahead and fund your account.

You can use any of the many payment options available on the platform.

Make a deposit and get a bonus. It is that simple!

Yanga deposit
Get Your Bonus

This is the part you have been waiting for! The part where you get a deposit bonus.

After funding your account, the betting site will reward you with a bonus.

On a 500% deposit bonus site, you are sure to get up to 5x your first deposit.

For instance, on Yangasport, if you make a first payment of 500, there is an additional bonus of 2500 for you.

With the bonus, you have a leeway to explore the Sportsbook of the bookmaker.

Yanga get bonus
Use your bonus

At this point, you must have gone through the hassle of opening an account, and funding the account.

It is now time to use your bonus.Using your bonus is quite straightforward.

You either use it to place bets for a chance to multiply the bonus or take it out of your betting account as cash.

If you choose the latter, you must have met the wagering requirements of the bonus offer, else you will not be able to withdraw the bonus.

If you choose to wager with it, you have a chance to even win more but it is not set in stone.

Yanga use bonus

Making the most of the 500% First deposit bonus

The 500% first deposit bonus is the biggest bonus in terms of percentage now.

However, the high percentage doesn’t necessarily translate into a high bonus amount.

To get the maximum bonus amount, you have to make a first deposit that will guarantee you the full value of the bonus on offer.

Let’s take for example, if you want the ₦50,000 bonus, you have to deposit at least ₦10,000 as your first deposit.

With that amount, you will get 5 times your first deposit back as a bonus. A quick calculation will show that you are eligible to get ₦50,000 as a bonus.

Sign up on a 500% bonus site and get cracking!

We have told you all you have to know about the 500% deposit bonus and more importantly how to claim it.

The 500% deposit bonus gives new players a huge chance of multiplying their first deposit in multiple folds.

With the percentage on offer, a minimal amount of deposit can result into a decent wagering balance to start exploring the sportsbook of the betting site.

Therefore, you should get yourself a 500% first deposit bonus to get started today!

500% deposit bonus FAQs

🤔 Which betting sites offer a 500% deposit bonus?

Currently, Yangasport is the only betting site that offers a 50% deposit bonus.

Claim the Yangasport 500% deposit bonus

😕 When can i claim a 500% first deposit bonus?

You can get a 500% deposit bonus after signing up and making a deposit in your account.

❔How many times can i get the 500% deposit bonus?

You can only get the 500% deposit bonus once.

🤷 Can i withdraw my 500% deposit bonus

Yes you can! But only after you unlock the bonus by meeting the wagering requirements

⁉️ What is the minimum deposit amount for a 500% deposit bonus?

The minimum deposit amount to be eligible for the Yangasport 500% first deposit bonus is ₦100