Who are we?

Betting bonus India has been designed and published by four experts who are skilled in the field of betting. We are always on a hunt for best betting bonuses in the Indian market.

Our team consists of experts who live for their job with a passion.

We love all kinds of sports but cricket is our favourite considering the craze in every Indian’s heart.

We love it just as much as you, our readers.

And we know that you are also interested in betting bonuses just like us.

We on our pages not only compare the best betting bonuses available in the market but also provide you with reviews about different bonus sites and our pages guide you in detail about different types of betting bonuses.

We hope that our guides and detailed reviews will let you know everything about the types and benefits of betting bonuses and help you make the most out of it.

Team behind bettingbonus India

Tomesh Kulkarni
Tomesh Kulkarni

Tomesh, our editor and the man behind the pages of betting bonuses India. He was born and brought up in Mumbai and has been playing cricket since childhood.

Tomesh is the betting champion of the team and has won many bets during the recent IPL2022.

He has a zeal to try out different betting bonuses throughout the Indian market and has a keen eye for the right ones.

He is interested in many sports but his ultimate love is cricket and football.

Tomesh earned a fortune this IPL season making use of all the information on our own pages.


Aakshi, our betting bonus expert, lives near Delhi and has carefully curated all the pages that you see here. She has spent time and analysed some of the best betting bonuses in the Indian market for you.

She tries out these betting bonuses herself before publishing any information about them on the pages.

She has loved watching cricket, football and basketball since her childhood. It is just second nature for her to spend a lot of time playing badminton and basketball whenever possible.


Shaiva, our betting app expert from Gujarat. You ask her anything about any betting app available in the market and she has an answer.

She finds out all the information related to the apps whether it is about bonuses or any special referrals that can help you any time with your betting journey.

Shaiva loves to play e-sports and her tech loving mind made her curious to find out about the best betting apps with bonuses in the market.

Obviously as a true Indian Cricket is her true love and it needs no further mention that she heartily supported the Gujarat Titans this IPL season.

Vasudha Dewan
Vasudha Dewan

Vasudha, our betting site expert, belongs to Delhi.

She is not only responsible for searching the best information about the betting sites with bonuses in the market but also takes care of how the information on these pages looks for our readers.

While she is not working, she tries to make some extra bucks through free bets and no deposit bonuses on the betting sites.

She loves to watch Cricket matches and also enjoys playing Minecraft.

Now that you're acquainted with us and what we do, check our recommendations for the best betting sites with bonus in India below!